Initiative means “to do something” and our Founder and Director Mr. Corey Travis did just that when he created the Memphis Youth Arts Initiative in Memphis, Tennessee. For the last 10 years, Mr. Travis has always been a creator in providing coaching and instruction to students of all ages in Percussion, Dance, Choir, and even Cheer with no experience (just YouTube). In May 2019, after being the program director of the successful startup Holmes Road Performing Arts, he decided to create his own business and program which is currently operating with over 50 students from the Greater Memphis Metro Area. The program is a comprehensive community performing arts program that offers instruction and performance for Cheer, Majorette & Urban Dance, and Percussion by way of a Drumline. Soon the program will offer Hip-Hop & Lyrical Contemporary Dance, Choir, Step, and Drama once relocating to its very own facility in the near future. 

Academics and Education have always been important to Mr. Travis and he believes that it is the key to success in any program such as this one. Success in the classroom equals success on the performance floor and brings the two concepts together. The same skill sets required to master a performing art translates into the classroom as well and can be groomed together when the environment and coaching staff are purposed in that drive for success. Mr. Trenton Miller serves as our first-ever Academic Director who will create and implement a full-scale academic support program that will strengthen literacy and mathematics among the students who are members of our program and perform. Among tutoring, skill honing, charterer building, social-emotional learning, and providing an after school care program, students will not only become great performers but also excel in the classrooms in the schools they attend. 

Our motto is “Creating Leaders through Embracing the Arts!” We hold true to that statement because we create leaders through the process we take students through preparing for performances, learning how to juggle school, life, and practices all while maintaining integrity in everything they do. When the students in our program go to their different schools each day, we expect them to have unique confidence that they are apart of something bigger than them and a piece of that is in their walk, their talk, and we encourage them to take pride in that. We are competitive and non-competitive with our various arts. We perform in events such as College Homecoming Parades, Holiday Parades, Community Events, School Functions, Business Events, Political Events, you name it we will go!

Our program is not free, but very affordable to the average family. We accept donations and sponsorship in order to give any and all students a chance to be a part even if they are not able to financially. We currently operate with over 14 volunteer coaches, mentors, and parents who make things happen each week. Our current home for events and weekly activities is Holmes Road Elementary in Memphis, TN where Shelby County School has granted us access to use this facility for this school year which is a blessing. We are currently in search of a property to call our permanent home and where we can expand to offer more services to more students across this beautiful city full of Talent. 


We have a mission to be the most comprehensive arts program the City of Memphis has to offer. We will educate, transform, motivate, build, and create space, moments, and opportunities to encourage the youth of all ages o succeed and be confident in who they are, what they do, and what talents they instill.

We will maintain an environment conducive to positivity, enrichment, and growth through the facilitation and embracing of the arts. 



We are pleased to be partners with many organizations, corporations, and businesses throughout Memphis and Nationwide. We have relationships with these entities for so many various reasons and they also support our program through donations and promotion. 



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