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Member Spotlight

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Deantwon Flecther

Mr. Flecther is a student at Wooddale High School in the 9th Grade who loves to play music, football, and draw. He has been a member of our program since day one and is one of the most looked up to leaders in the program. Deantwon grew up in the inner-city from the East Memphis area. His goal in life is to complete high school and one day become the Director of the Memphis Youth Arts Initiative after college. 

Some of his favorite foods are Alfredo Pasta, Salad, and Grapes. He loves to travel with the band and He plays many of the instruments on the Drumline. As the Captian of the Drumline currently, he does a wonderful job of setting the example and assisting the Percussion Director with instruction and Disicpinle.

Deantwon is Destined for Greatness

and we will make sure it happens!

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Aundrea Bell

Ms. Bell is a bright and lively young lady who dances on the M.Y.A. I. Dolls Dance Team! Aundrea is a student at Memphis College Prep and loves the subject of Reading! Her favorite TV Show is "Bring It" where she loves to watch the Dancing Dolls strut and buck. Andrea is in the 4th Grade and will someday be a great leader in the community.  

Aundrea has been with the program for over a year and is a great asset to the Dance Team along with everything she does. We love Aundrea and will push her further towards greatness. 



Jackson Parrot

Only 7 Years Old, Jackson is one of the youngest members of our percussion ensemble. He is an incredible Snare Drum player and also plays the Drum Set as well. Jackson has been in our organization for a little over a year and has made a high impact on everyone. As a student at Power Center Academy, Jackson is a Straight A student and hangs tough with the older boys and girls who play on the drumline. 

Earlier this year Jackson was in a terrible car accident and was in very bad condition in the hospital. With much prayer and support from family, friends, and of course MYAI, Jackson pulled through to a Grand Recovery and is back to his normal self.

We love Jackson and he is a great asset to our program and drumline! Go Jackson Go!