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Call & Response: The Sound of a Black Arts Revolution

Power and Institution Building through Real Investment “Liberation requires more than appeals to the 'angels within or amongst us.' We have to choose the radical and revolutionary over and above the ridiculous. We must remove the shackles of this plantation prosperity.” —Rev. Dr. Earle Fisher, Abyssinian Baptist Church, Memphis

One of our Offical Partners, Memphis Music Intitative is paving the way for Youth and Black Arts and we are overly excited to be in the mix. Read more on MMI and the work they are doing for organizations just like ours!

MMI has been providing unrestricted grants and capacity building to mostly Black- and brown-led/serving creative youth development organizations for six years. We have provided wraparound services including executive coaching, consultants, training, and intensive staff support. But our investments have only scratched the surface of the repair needed after decades of undercapitalization and philanthropic redlining that has undermined the stability of our peers in this work. So, we will do even more to support the work of these extraordinary organizations and leaders.

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