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Fire Squad Drumline on Lifetime TV Show

In October 2022, Our Director got a call from James Riles III, Founder of Atlanta Drum Academy in Atlanta, Ga saying that he referred an oppprtunity to be on a tv show to us. We gladly accepted and made contracts and agreements with production companies of Lifetime Television to film for a show called Married at First Sight.

In three days we had to travel to Nashville, Tennessee where the new season was being filmed at the Conrad Hilton Nashville in Downtown Area. It was a sursprise addition to the wedding reception of one of the famous couples. Our Fire Squad Drumline was dressed to impress and played with that "Memphis Funk" they were looking for.

The guests were surprised, happy, and they began to boogie and get down. Never heard of before on the hit tv show for any speical guests or surprises by any outside guests or organizations. We made Memphis proud playing drum cadences and dancing show style for the bride and groom who were strangers who come married to be.

The show airs every Wedensday at 7 P.M. on the Lifetime Network or via Hulu. The new season is season 16 and we should be appearing on the 3rd or 4th episode of the season. Dressed in all black with white masks on for safety, 10 of our most talented youth from Memphis played thier hearts out to provide some classic drumline enteritament. This created a moment in history those present and for those who watch the show will never forget!

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