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Visible College Partners with MYAI for Inspiration

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Thanks to our Alumni Member and now Staff Javon Hurt, we have created a dope partnership with Visble Music College Downtown Memphis. After searching for over a month for a space to rent for practice, Javon asked his college administration could we use space at the school and Ben, Vice President of Business, said yes!

Creative. Christian. College.

Visible launched in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000. Our focus as a creative Christian community is bigger than any single church or artists. We believe music is important in the world and the Church. We believe creative Christians have enormous impact as leaders in culture and developing the Church globally. Because of this, we create and partner with intimate, intentional artist communities throughout the world that emphasize training and higher education around five key concepts: global kingdom of God, spiritual transformation, professional experience and leadership, academic fidelity to the Word, and the visible way of hospitality.

Together. Inspired. Drive. Focus. Welcome.

We got a chance to have an exclusive tour with two students from the college on last week to inspire and educate our students on what Visible Music College has to offer from them after graduation. Gopan, a sophmore from India, shared with us about how much of a culture shock it was for him to adjust in America. Abby, from Costa Rica, is a Senior preparing for her Senior Concert thats coming soon. Overall we are grateful for Visible alllowing us to come in and work with our youth in a safe, clean, and creative environment all free of charge.

We hope to do more with Visible this year and for years to come!

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