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Partnership with Memphis Grizzlies Foundation Soars!

If you did't know, Memphis Youth Arts became a new Partner with Memphis Grizzlies Mentor Memphis Program! Ever since we joined we have been rocking and rolling learning all about Mentoring and the way we can be better in reaching our mentees and volunteers.

Grizzlies Foundation Mentor Memphis declares Januray as National Mentoring Month! This month has been filled with speical events and a great emphasis on Mentorship with over 100 organization MMG works with across thier network. Last week, the JAZZ vs GRIZZILES game was Menotring Night and oh was it fun. The foundation gifted us with 15 tickets to the game for our mentees to attend and also hosted a Pre-Game Reception with food and fun for our mentor volunteers.

The National Mentoring Month Awards are hosted each January by MENTOR Memphis Grizzlies to celebrate mentoring excellence across the Mid-South. Our very own Director, Corey Travis and Percussion Instructor Vernon Martin both have been nomiatied for Mentoring Practionter of the Year, as well as our organization being nominated for Mentoring Organization of the Year. The Memphis Grizzlies Foundation is thrilled to recognize us and our work. The Awards are being held on Saturday, January 21st at 5pm at FedExForum.

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